Quinine Sulphate

Quinine sulfate appears as a white, crystalline powder on exposure to light it becomes dark inn colour. It is odorless and has a persistent bitter taste. It is sparingly soluble in water, alcohol, chloroform, and ether. It is commonly known with the brand name Qualaquin. It is used as a flavor component in the tonic water and bitter lemon. Conventionally, the bitter taste to anti-malarial quinine tonic.

Qualaquin (quinine sulfate) is a cinchona alkaloid chemically identified as cinchonan-9-ol, 6′-methoxy-, (8α, 9R)-, sulfate (2:1) (salt) dihydrate with a molecular formula of (C20H24N2O2)2•H2SO4•2H2O and a molecular weight of 782.96.

Quinine sulphate is a type of medicine which is used to cure malaria. It is mainly used in treating recognized malarial infections, it is also used as a remedial medicine for leg cramps. Quinine works on the mechanism that by attacking the parasites and these parasites after entered the red blood cells are killed by this medicine and these parasites are prevented from multiplying further.

Quinine is used to treat a special kind of malaria, most serious kind, caused by a type of malaria parasite called Plasmodium falciparum known as falciparum malaria. This compound can be used as a effective medicine I case where the type of infecting organism is unknown or caused by mixed types of Plasmodium.

Quinine is also occasionally used to treat recurrent night-time leg cramps, for instance in people with arthritis, diabetes or varicose veins. Quinine can potentially cause problems to the developing baby on the womb if it is consumed during pregnancy period, because this medicine is capable of passing into breast milk and cause problems to the baby.